Watch Kanye and Jimmy Kimmel rekindle their friendship


A couple weeks ago, Jimmy Kimmel poked fun at Kanye West’s BBC Radio 1 interview by reenacting it with children. Kanye was not a fan of this sketch.  Yeezus took to Twitter calling out Kimmel and basically everyone in the media, since then the tweets have been taken down.  The interview went down almost as exactly as you’d expect a Kanye interview to go down – crazy.

West referred to himself as a “creative genius,” talked about how life is super tough once you’re a celebrity, aired his frustrations about Kim not getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and how he’s never done a publicity stunt.  We also learn that he comes up with his “best shit” on the toilet (pun intended?).  The second half of the interview is really where it gets going, right after Kimmel gives Kanye some leather jogging pants for North.

Watch the two part video below:

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