Why the Giants can still win the East


I may be alone in this observation and opinion, but I truly believe the Giants, at 0-5, are still in contention to win the NFC East.  This is the worst division in the NFL and 8 wins will most likely do the trick this season to capture the crown.

Eli Manning is off to his worst season ever, already having thrown 12 interceptions through five games.  If we dissect these interceptions, you would see that they aren’t all his fault.  Sure, everyone has beat up on Eli over the course of his career for throwing too many interceptions, but so did Brett Favre, and Drew Brees has been known to throw 22 in a season as well.  Let’s just look at this past Sunday’s game against the Eagles.  The first interception for Eli was a defender pulling his throwing arm backward from behind, causing the ball to flutter in the air.  This isn’t a bad case of judgement, it’s just an unfortunate incident.  The second interception was in Victor Cruz’ hands, but the defender made an unbelievable play and stole it from Cruz in mid-air.  Again, not Eli’s fault.  The third interception was all on Hakeem Nicks, who quit on the route and allowed the ball to float into the defenders hands.

Eli is the quarterback so he’ll take all the heat for these turnovers from a media perspective.  Coach Coughlin knows that Eli is pushing and trying to make up for a lack of running game and an absent defense.  He also knows that this team is not helping Manning’s case.  The offensive line is dismantled, the defense is porous, and David Wilson is not providing a consistent enough rushing attack to take the pressure off of Manning.

I do believe in the Giants and I believe the addition of Jon Beason will help immensely on the defensive side of the ball, not only on the field but in the locker room as well.  Rueben Randle has started to see more action and will continue to flourish as he gets more reps with Manning.

The rest of the division is mediocre at best.  The Cowboys defense is paper thin, the Redskins can’t stop anyone and RGIII still looks skiddish in the pocket, and the Eagles are already minus Michael Vick for Sunday’s match up against the Buccaneers.  All of these teams have weak defenses, which means the Giants, who are only two games out of first place, can still make some noise if they can right the ship down the stretch.  My prediction for the division at the end of the season: Giants 8-8, Cowboys 8-8, Eagles 6-10, Redskins 5-11.  Yes, this means the Giants have to win eight out of the last eleven games.  Their next four are the Bears, Vikings, Eagles, and Raiders, all winnable games.  They also have the Redskins twice, the Chargers, Cowboys, and Lions down the stretch.  If Coughlin can get the crew all on the same page, it feasible to win eight games and sneak into the playoffs.  This isn’t the same defense that led the Giants to two titles in five seasons, so don’t expect a Super Bowl.  All I’m saying is don’t count them out of making it to the post season.

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