Andrea Bargnani and defense are (still) not friends


You might recall the hilariously embarrassing defensive showcase Andrea Bargnani put on earlier this week against the Spurs. Welp, he’s back at it again.

Apparently, the Knicks center doesn’t understand that if you’re seven feet tall, you should probably defend the rim, or at the very least be near the rim.

Despite this egregious lack of defensive vision, Bargnani actually had a pretty good night in the Knicks’ 95-91 victory over the Atlanta Hawks: he racked up 20 points on 8-15 shooting, grabbed 11 rebounds, and had two assists.

But just to make matters worse, that guy that scored on Bargs? Demarre Carroll, who has a career average points per game of 4.3. Not exactly a challenge defensively.

Still, I wish Bargnani luck in earning his lofty $12 million this year without knowing that you should probably stand in front of someone if you want to prevent them from scoring. Boy, the Knicks sure miss Tyson Chandler.

[GIF via @CJZero]

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