Artie Lange absolutely eviscerated Alex Rodriguez on Conan last night

With two Red Sox players by his side, notorious Yankees fan and comedian Artie Lange absolutely laid into Alex Rodriguez while appearing on Conan last night. It starts off slightly awkward as Lange tries to get Jonny Gomes and Shane Victorino to say they hate A-Rod too, but things quickly get hilarious as Lange continues to absolutely destroy Rodriguez as  Victorino and Gomes do their best to keep straight faces.

“[A-Rod] makes $32 million a year and does the direct opposite of what we’re paying him for…he’s like the guy you pay to mow your lawn, and instead of mowing your lawn he comes over and takes a dump on your lawn. And the next day he comes over and wants the money.”

As always, Artie Lange telling it like it is.

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Pete Blackburn
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  • Guest

    Still waiting for Artie to say something funny- ever!

  • Frank Spero

    probably right the rod I s thorn in the yankees side

  • Diehardyankeesfan

    Artie, the guy who I thought was a Yankee fan and supported them through good and bad. You’re the A-rod of satellite radio. Like a-rod u got busted doing illegal drugs and embarrassed the hell out of your boss who $$ u very well. The main difference is your career crashed a lot harder. Also, what’s the deal with bragging about being a heroin addict? Not funny and not good role model for our youth in a drug infested world. Get it right Artie… Get it right…