Jesse Winchester throws vicious hit to Chris Kelly’s head

Jesse Winchester threw a vicious hit to the chin of Chris Kelly early in the first period of Thursday nights game in Boston. No penalty was called, however Winchester will most likely get a call from the director of Player Safety Brendan Shanahan. Kelly appears to be fine, as he returned to the ice late in the first period.


Lets take a look, shall we? First of all, Winchester extends his elbow with the intent to make contact with Kelly’s head. Second of all, Winchester leaves his feet prior to making contact with Kelly’s chin. This hit is worthy of a suspension, and the fact that no penalty was called by the referees is ridiculous.

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Nick Godin

Nick Godin

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  • Dave

    Jesse Winchester? There’s actually someone with that name in the NHL? That sounds more like a name from an old western movie..

  • Bellskinno

    how can these refs miss that , what are they doing out there, the play review command post should be able to send a message to the refs at the games to review these plays right away so the players can be dealt with real time , they are getting away with too much because of the speed of the game