Kent State defensive lineman gives us a great semi-fat guy touchdown

Kent State’s Nate Terhune looks to be in pretty goood shape and, as evidenced in the video above, he’s got some great athleticism. But since he’s a defensive lineman, what he pulled off last night against Ohio still counts as a “fat guy touchdown” in my book.

Terhune’s number was called on a fake punt in the third quarter; he took the direct snap at his own 33 yard line and took off down the field. Terhune only needed three yards for the first down but he ended up getting a lot more than that.

After running free for about 25 yards, an Ohio defender closed in on Terhune at the OH 40-yard line. Like the rest of us, that poor defender underestimated Terhune’s athletic ability and paid the price of being posterized by this sick hurdle.


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Pete Blackburn
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