Native American Pow-wow Dub-Step: A Tribe Called Red

A Tribe Called Red

Reigning from Ottawa, Canada, the group ‘A Tribe Called Red’ is combining hip hop, dub step, reggae, and their Native American roots to create an epic and bold new sound. Some are dubbing it “electric pow-wow,” others “aboriginal hip-hop,” but regardless of it’s titular genre, it is safe to say that this group is bringing Native American music into the mainstream conscience.

Al Jazeera described their live shows as follows:

At the show, screens set up on either side of stage rework stereotypical depictions of Native Americans in everything from silent films to cartoons. The group’s imagery, like its music, forces the audience to rethink the perception of what it means to be aboriginal. 

At one point, the time-traveling DeLorean from “Back to the Future 3” pops onto the screen and is chased down by a group of natives on horseback. The scene is played in a choppy loop, with the colors distorted.

“At its root, it’s about looking at the one-dimensional misrepresentation of aboriginal people in the media and examining it and digging deeper below the surface level,” said Bear, a self-described “media-obsessed person” responsible for the group’s footage.

Diplo & Friends on BBC Radio recently let loose an essential mix to A Tribe Called Red and it is well-worth a listen. Don’t forget, this is not an exploitation of their music, but rather a celebration and a tribute.

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