“Pictures From Russian Dating Sites” will haunt your dreams forever

If there is one Russia is not, it’s normal. I have never personally visited the country before but – after everything I’ve seen on the Internet – it’s hard to believe the average Russian life span exceeds 15 years.

Here’s another thing in Russia that is apparently not normal: The photos posted by users on their dating sites. The only thing crazier than these pictures is the thought of some other crazy Russian seeing them and saying “hey, I’d like to date this person.”

Take a look below and see for yourself.

01 - 3ZjR0Fl

02 - t2pgS74

03 - mpSy4JY

04 - wJKBXMk

05 - OpjX83Z

06 - 4K839F7

07 - Gc7IFzZ

08 - FchiTgp

09 - cXrCnK7

10 - F6zoutv

11 - bsQ7PoT

12 - cguqiSR

13 - E5C4l9o

14 - QodHmfY


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Pete Blackburn
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