Richie Incognito caught on video dropping N-bomb in fit of rage

Welp, things don’t seem to be getting any better for Miami Dolphins offensive lineman Richie Incognito. Earlier today, details of Incognito’s nasty and racist voicemail to Jonathan Martin were relayed to the public.

Now, video has emerged of Incognito exploding into a fit of rage and yelling a racial slur at a Florida bar.

The video above shows a shirtless (and, presumably, drunk) Incognito stomping around and shouting in anger at a pool hall called Dirty Blondes in Fort Lauderdale, FL. At the beginning of the video, he appears to yell “Mike Pouncey, n–gga!” It looks like Pouncey, one of Richie’s teammates, was there too, as you can see later in the video.

The n-bomb doesn’t seem to be intended as a racial insult, but just a case of Incognito using it while on a psychotic tirade. Either way, it gives us all a little glimpse into what kind of filter and self control(or lack there of) this guy has. The dude clearly has issues.

[Larry Brown Sports]

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