Steve Downie is either the Terminator or really needs to get his eye checked out

2013-11-07 14_09_29

During last Friday’s Flyers-Capitals game, Philadelphia forward Steve Downie decided to drop the gloves with Aaron Volpatti of the Capitals…a decision he probably regretted soon afterwards. In the bout, Volpatti delivered a solid blow straight to Downie’s left eye, immediately opening a cut and causing some swelling.

You can see the blow above, and here’s what Downie’s eye looked like at the conclusion of the tilt:

Screen Shot 2013-11-07 at 2.14.12 PM

As is with blows of that variety, things only get worse before they get better. Nearly a full week after the haymaker, Downie is still left looking like this:


Good googly moogly, that thing is juicy!

He hasn’t returned to the ice since the blow, citing swollen sinuses and nerve issues. Luckily, the extent of the damage is limited to those issues… though it looks like it could have been much worse.

Hopefully the recovery process kicks into gear…not only for the sake of Downie, but for everyone around him as well. That thing is terrifying.

[Eye On Hockey] <–Perfect source for the story

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