Strawweight female MMA fighter delivers brutal knockout

Lighter weight classes in boxing and mixed martial arts are often on the receiving end of criticism for not including enough power-packed highlights as their heavier counterparts. This knockout in a strawweight (106-115 lbs) MMA bout last week is a resounding counterpoint to that criticism.

That’s undefeated Alida Gray scoring a brutal knockout of her opponent, Soannia Tiem, with a heavy right hand to the jaw just seconds after coming out of a break (around the 52:00 mark in the video above). Tiem was knocked out cold and Gray remained undefeated in her MMA career with her third straight KO.

Don’t sleep on those strawweights…they’ll make you pay if you do.

2013-11-04 14_48_17

[Cage Potato]


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Pete Blackburn
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