NHL considering adding ‘Ray Emery rule’ to eliminate goalie fights


After the altercation between Ray Emery and Braden Holtby, the NHL feels the need to discuss eliminating goalie fights by enforcing 10-game suspensions to any goaltender that is involved in any altercation outside of the goalie zone.

It might as well be called the “Ray Emery rule”.

If you didn’t see Ray Emery’s altercation with Braden Holtby, watch it below.

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Nick Godin

Nick Godin

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  • philly_boyz

    The Flyers are a disgrace to the NHL. Fighting is there to keep the game clean, this is just hot headed immaturity. Ray Emery should be suspended several games for his actions. There was no reason for him to skate down and challenge Holtby. What a joke of a team.