The ultimate act of sportsmanship took place on a soccer pitch

A sport that is ripe with controversy (racism, flopping, corruption, etc) has given us one of the greatest examples of sportsmanship in recent memory.

As you already saw, the goalie was unwilling to punt the ball due to his shoe being untied. The opposing forward, being the fantastic person that he is, helps his opponent out by tying the shoelace for him. It was an impressive display of sportsmanship, but it wouldn’t be the only one.

The ref called the goalie for a delay of game during this whole bonding moment and rewarded the opposing team with a free kick. Receiving a free kick for something like that wasn’t going to sit well with them so they just kicked the ball out of play and let the game resume like nothing happened.

A few class moves by a class act of a squad.


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Adam Stafki

Born and raised in the North Star State. Unabashed fanatic of the greatest game on earth, hockey. Covers all sports and film related news at The Nosebleeds.