These minimalistic NHL logos are awesome

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When done the right way, sometimes less is more. A perfect example of that being true comes with these minimalistic interpretations of all 30 NHL team logos.

From Deadspin:

These come from designer S. Preston, who was responsible for those great minimalist MLB ballpark posters a few weeks back…he’s got all 30 available for download. They’re not available as prints, but they’re the perfect dimensions for wallpaper on your phone.

Three of my favorites are pictured above, and – being from Boston – I’ve already gone ahead and made the Bruins one my iPhone background. Check out all 30 teams here.

And if those aren’t your style, Deadspin also pointed out these great minimalistic logos from earlier in the year. I actually prefer these ones because they scream old school and are stripped down the bare minimum.


Both of these are great…but are they better than the NHL Megaman sprites? That’s up for debate.

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Pete Blackburn
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  • chas territo

    Te heck with that Sabres logo. With the buffalo under the 2 crossed sabre/ swords you have the CITY name and the NICKNAME! It is the best logo in all 4 majors sports because both describe where and who all in one logo!! Can anyone else say they know one better than ours in BUFALO??