Andrea Bargnani takes a horrible shot, even by Knicks standards

With about 15 seconds to go in overtime of last night’s Knicks-Bucks game, Tyson Chandler secured an offensive rebound with the Knicks up by two points. Chandler immediately kicked it out Andrea Bargnani, who found himself wide open beyond the three-point line.

With the shot clock turned off, the Bucks would have had no choice but to foul Bargnani and, if the Knicks hit both free throws, go down by two possessions. However, Bargnani did them a favor by launching one of the dumbest shots in NBA history…a inexplicable three pointer that clanged off the rim and allowed the Bucks to tie the game and send it into double OT.

This photo of the Knicks bench reacting to Bargnani’s shot is the most Knicks thing ever:


The Knicks would eventually go on to win 107-101, but it was anything but a moral victory for a team that is quickly becoming the most epic trainwreck in league history.

Oh, and Andrea? You, sir, are a chucker.

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Pete Blackburn
Founder & lead editor of The Nosebleeds. Journalism graduate of Endicott College, Class of 2013. Boston born & raised.