Dam Funk & Snoopzilla new video “Hit Da Pavement”

The funk is back! Dam Funk and Snoopzilla (aka Snoop Dogg) have released a second single off their new album “7 Days of Funk”. With the same tenacity of 80′s legend George Clinton’s keys, a thumping bass line that carries the track, and silky smooth lyrics from Snoopzilla, “Hit Da Pavement” and its video will take you back to the g-funk era.

I, for one, much prefer Snoopzilla to Snoop Lion. It is remniscent of early Snoop Dogg. You can hear the genuine enjoyment from both these artists throughout “7 Days of Funk” and the sentiment is contagious. With lyrics like, “DF on the beat, if you don’t work, then you don’t eat” and “Dropping C’s for the G’s, popping my P’s, dotting my I’s while crossing my T’s…”, some damn funk from Dam Funk is bringing out the best in Snoop.

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Calvin Jhunjhnuwala

I am a Gaucho Alumni living in the Bay Area. I love everything media particularly film and music. Also, I am an avid Sacramento Kings fan - yes, these past few years have been hard on me.