ESPN reporter gets blasted by Cubs infielder after insulting him on Twitter


Jesse Rogers, ESPN beat reporter for the Chicago Cubs, sent out the tweet below on Wednesday in regards to rumors of a new posting system in Major League Baseball this offseason. One of the rumors going around is that if teams tied for the highest bid, the team with the lowest winning percentage the season prior would win the bid.

Basically, what Rogers suggested is that the Cubs should have tanked on purpose so that they would have had a better shot to winning bidding wars on prized import free agents, as well as a better draft pick next year. To tank, he suggested they Cubs would have played backup infielder Cody Ransom every day. Unfortunately for Rogers, Ransom caught wind of the tweet and, as you can imagine, he wasn’t too pleased. vUUysJp Yes, it was a cheap shot. And no, Rogers didn’t have the balls to stand behind it. This was his response to Ransom:

Yikes. That’s quite the way to blackball yourself as a beat reporter, Rogers. I’m going to go ahead and assume he won’t be getting many quotes or scoops from Ransom next season…or ever.

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Pete Blackburn
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