Evan Turner immediately apologizes after huge last-second dunk against Lakers

With the Sixers securing what looked to be a 109-104 victory against the Lakers last night in Los Angeles, Philadelphia guard Evan Turner couldn’t resist throwing down a highlight reel slam in favor of running out the rest of the clock en route to victory.

Turner took a pass from a teammate and threw down a 360 power slam with less than a second on the clock, much to the shock of the Lakers and their faithful in attendance. Turner appeared to immediately regret the decision, as he profusely apologized to Los Angeles players after the buzzer sounded.

Despite the apologies, Lakers players did not seem too pleased.

Hey, it was a pretty nice dunk though…


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Pete Blackburn
Founder & lead editor of The Nosebleeds. Journalism graduate of Endicott College, Class of 2013. Boston born & raised.

    that was vicious lol