Jonathan Toews scores a goal with his shoulder, then gets bundled from behind


The Blackhawks and Flyers faced off in Chicago for the national Rivalry Night matchup on NBC Wednesday Night and, as most people expected, the ‘Hawks took care of business against Philly. Captain Jonathan Toews scores one of five Blackhawks goals in the second period, and he did so in unconventional fashion.

With about five minutes left in the period, Toews was set up near the Philadelphia goal when his teammate Patrick Sharp unleashed a screaming slapper towards net. Sharp’s blast was a little off target and wound up drilling the captain right in the shoulder and deflecting past Ray Emery and into the Flyers’ net.

And, if the goal wasn’t painful enough for Toews, he immediately became the recipient of a shove from behind, courtesy of Scott Hartnell. The hit sent Toews crashing face-first into the net and landed Hartnell with a two minute roughing penalty.

Pretty easy to understand where Hartnell’s frustration came from…the Flyers got throttled 7-2 on the night.

[GIF via SB Nation]

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  • Woodstuck

    Guy with Hartnell’s history and this kind of play (?) after a goal and the whistle… and no fine? No Suspension? But the league wants to revisit fighting? C’mon – That was a dirty shot and a two minute penalty is not enough for a non-skilled player who constantly tries to hurt professionals rather than be one himself.