Movember Is Over. Time To Upgrade Your Shaving Experience.


So Movember is over. That means it is finally time to start shaving (and looking normalish) again!

But you’re not going to go back to using the same, generic cartridges or high powered electric face-ripper are you? After a month where you “grew” a new appreciation for facial hair care, isn’t it time you upgrade your blade-to-face experience?

With Hanukkah well underway and Christmas around the corner, it is about time you are introduced to reemergence of traditional wet shaving. In other words, shaving with a single blade and the type of shaving cream you apply with a brush. LIKE A MAN…..LIKES (bleeping) JAMES BOND, MAN.

Basically your razor should look like this now…



And your shaving cream like this:


Why should it look like that? Because you’re a man that’s why. And you like to take care of your face. And you have needs and wants and cans of thin blueish gel-like substance just isn’t doing it for you anymore. No no no. You need a thick lather that smells like sandalwood or rich spices and a razor to cleanly cut those pesky hairs away instead of pulling them out. Yea…that’s why.

But seriously, traditional wet shaving is continuing to grow because it simply a) provides a better, cleaner shave and b) a pleasurable shaving experience AND c) blades just cents each and not several dollars. Would you like a barbershop-close and comfortable shave at home? Save some money on expensive cartridges that rip your hair out anyway? Absolutely. Let’s get started.

To make it even easier (and in the spirit of Cyber Monday), I will tell you what you can buy on Amazon right now. But to be clear, the greatest thing of wet shaving is the amount of choice you have. Once you have a combination that you love, there isn’t anything better. At the same time, it is fun to sample around. To get started, you will need a new safety razor, blades, brush, cream or soap, styptic pencil, and probably a nice big cappuccino mug.


  • Razor: Edwin Jagger De89bl. It is $27.04 and is a favorite amongst those making the switch who don’t want to break the bank on a super-fancy razor (which are available if that’s your thing). I own this one personally and have been using it for 2 years now. It’s fantastic.
  • You got your razor, now you need some blades. These razors use double-edge razors and there are lots of brands to try to see what agrees with your face the most. Luckily, sample packs are readily available and will last you a really long time. Here’s a 60-pack for $21.99. 36 cents a blade is a bit high, but the samplers can tend to be a bit higher than buying one brand in bulk, depending on the brand you eventually select as your favorite.
  • Here is a basic shaving brush for $12.95. Here is another for $28.77. You can definitely have some freedom with brushes as the quality varies greatly. As a rule of thumb, look for badger hair brushes. Those are the most preferred and popular brush types.
  • Shaving cream? How about some Italian stuff that cools your face while shaving? Awesome, right? Yes it is and Proraso is $10.
  • These blades are sharp and you may nick yourself a bit. Better have a $5 styptic pencil.
  • And then any large mug will do. You probably already have one. You will also want some aftershave, which you also probably already have – but even with those there is a whole world out there that you have yet to experience.


Now you may think that the $80 start up cost is a bit just for shaving – but it is still way less than the top of the line electric face-rippers and over time will still be a cost saver. Remember, blades are just around a quarter each and last you just as long as a cartridge.

Trust me, it is worth it.

Here are a few websites with all the equipment you will ever need:

Also be sure to check out for some of my personal favorite shaving creams.

Finally, now that you are ready to shave better, you better know how. So check out this YouTube channel and watch it all. He will discuss everything from types of soaps to detailed instructions on how to get the most from your shaving experience.

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Brad Epstein

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