Reliant Stadium security guards fired for taking photos with Tom Brady

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Two Reliant Stadium security guards were fired immediately after they posed for photos with quarterback Tom Brady after the Patriots win over the Texans this past Sunday.

KHOU11 in Houston broke the news that Contemporary Services Corporation quickly fired Joe Williams and Christopher Moore after Sunday’s game.

It is strictly against CSC policy for its employees to request photos or autographs from players,” CSC told KHOU 11 in a statement. “CSC stands by its decision to terminate the two employees who violated this policy.”

The two employees disagreed with the decision of their part-time employer because they stated they had already completed their occupational tasks and were getting ready to leave for the day when they had a chance encounter with Brady.

Moore also claims that he often sees Reliant and CSC employees ask for autographs and photos from players without punishment.

I wonder if the decision had anything to do with the Patriots comeback victory in the second half of the game…

Also, if any security guard deserved to be fired this weekend, it was this one for the Steelers who was caught wearing women’s underwear:



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