Russian guys playing Roy Jones Jr. song get a convenient suprise at a stoplight

Roy Jones Jr. was one of the more dominant figures in boxing in the early 2000s, but often forgotten is the fact that he also had a pretty brief career in hip-hop as well.

Apparently, his music is still appreciated in Russia, where Jones – currently stationed for an upcoming fight in Moscow – recently crossed paths with a group of Russian bros who were bumping one of his tracks while waiting at a stoplight.

While sitting next to his fans at the red light (which I had no clue existed in Russia) Jones decided to have a little fun and rap a few bars with the kids before taking off in decked out Hummer.

Just a little lesson for the rest of you Roy Jones fans out there – if you see a Hummer with his face on it cruising along in Russia, make sure to blast one of his songs…good things will happen.

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Pete Blackburn
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