Hockey dad discusses his son’s benching with the coach by using his fists


What’s the best way to show a youth coach that you don’t appreciate him benching your kid? By beating him senseless of course!

At least that was one father’s thinking when he assaulted his son’s youth hockey coach when the man had the audacity to bench his son during a Saturday Night high school game. The cops were called to Leisure Rinks Hockey Arena in West Seneca, New York and determined that the parent, Michael Schaefer, had pushed and punched the coach several times for removing his kid from the game.

The coach was shipped to a nearby hospital with a shoulder injury while Schaefer was arrested and charged with 3rd degree assault and emerged as the new face for everything that’s wrong with overly obsessed hockey dads everywhere.


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Adam Stafki

Born and raised in the North Star State. Unabashed fanatic of the greatest game on earth, hockey. Covers all sports and film related news at The Nosebleeds.