Kyle Lowry’s attempt to give a Raptors fan his shoes is foiled by a smooth Bulls fan

Kyle Lowry’s time in Toronto might be numbered but that isn’t going to stop him from taking the time to appreciate the organizations fan base.Take New Years Eve as a prime example.

After a 85-79 win in Chicago, Lowry spotted a Raptors fan standing next to the tunnel and decided to give the guy a souvenir. At least that’s what he intended to happen. Instead, just as Toronto’s starting PG tossed his shoes up to the fan, another guy (who everyone assumes is a Bulls fan) swooped in and snagged the attempted exchange.


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Adam Stafki

Born and raised in the North Star State. Unabashed fanatic of the greatest game on earth, hockey. Covers all sports and film related news at The Nosebleeds.