Labatt beer selling Team USA jersey-themed cans for Olympics


Labatt Breweries, Canada’s largest beer brewer, is about to piss off a lot of Canadian hockey fans.

The company, which is a huge sponsor of USA Hockey, reportedly will be selling four different special edition Team USA cans designed after the country’s past Olympic hockey uniforms.

They’re pretty awesome, check them out below:





In the United States, Labatt brand beers are sold under license by Labatt USA, which since 2009 has been fully independent of the Canadian firm.

However, I’m sure some proud Canadians are still going to have a fit over these. As a proud American, though, I will be drinking Labatt exclusively until the conclusion of the Sochi games.

[My Beer Buzz]

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Pete Blackburn
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  • johng_3

    I’m Canadian and I think these cans look cool. Make some Team Canada ones or something