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You know those annoying assholes who always sit behind you in the cheap seats at sporting events? The obnoxious ones who make you wish you never brought your kids to the game? Yeah…hi, that’s us. We may be vulgar, misinformed, politically incorrect and often shirtless, but we’re sure as hell passionate. And usually shitfaced.

We’re an independent sports & entertainment blog formed in June of 2010 by college kids, for college kids. We aim to provide you with a raw take on sports & pop culture from the humorous point of view of those kids who sit miserably in the back of the class battling an awful hangover. We’ll give you some of the Internet’s top viral videos along with entertainment news, analysis, breakdowns, and other things that will tickle your fancy.

We’ve been linked on popular websites such as ESPN.comDeadspinBig Lead SportsSportsIllustrated.com‘s “Hot Clicks,” MSN.comFoxSports.comSportsGridYahoo! Sports’ PuckDaddyLarry Brown SportsWith Leather, and others. But, hey, we’re not bragging or anything.

We appreciate any and all feedback that you give us. Let us know what you think by sending an e-mail to thenosebleeders@gmail.com. You don’t have to dress it up or be all formal, we’re college kids…we get that you might not have the time to give us a 12-page scholastic thesis about why we suck or kick ass. A simple “you guys suck” or “you guys are the knees” would suffice. And we’ll do our best to get back to you.



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